Turn a simple Disney trip sweepstakes into a tentpole program.


Create a limited edition packaging series that brings the stories of Disney Parks rides to life, and gives every family a chance to experience the magic at breakfast.










Pg. 1

All around the village of Serka Zong, signs for The [???] fade among the Nepalese buildings, long-abandoned since the rumors of the
Yeti spread.


Pg. 2

You check your map, and head toward the old Darjeeling Ko railroad to begin your journey.

Today, instead of carrying workers up the mountain to pick tea, this train takes adventurers like you to the base camp of Everest! 


Pg. 3

Entering the train station, you meet the owners of Himalayan Escapes, Nobu and Bob.

They tell you not to worry about the rumors of a Yeti. Or that you have to travel through a place called the “Forbidden Mountain Pass”. Just put your luggage on the train and it’s time to go!


Pg. 4

The train pulls out of the station and starts to climb. But all of the sudden, the car comes to a screeching halt. The track in front of you has been torn completely apart!

Then, you hear a terrible roar come from higher up the mountains. The Yeti is Real!


Pg. 5

Suddenly the train goes into reverse. It shoots backwards down the hill and flies into a dark cave. You can’t see anything! Quick, find some light!



Pg. 6

The train screeches to a stop and you get a glimpse of the Yeti’s shadow. He’s torn up the tracks here too! You’ll have to put the pieces back together if you’re going to get out of this cave



Pg. 7

With the track repaired, the train shoots out of the cave and races back toward the station, stopping with a hiss at the platform. You say goodbye to Nobu and Bob, but stop on your way out to post a message warning other explorers about the Yeti.


Pg. 8

On your way back through town, you stop at the Serka Zong Bazaar to pick up a souvenier of your trip. But when you walk through the door, the shop is a mess! You’ll have to help put everything back before picking something out.


Pg. 9

With your brand new _________ stowed in your bag, you start the long journey home. It looks like Everest is off the table for now. Time to find another adventure. Maybe somewhere warm this time…


Pg. 10
Warm up with the thrill of Radiator Springs Racers in Volume 2!




Brush the dirt off the sign, reveals
“Royal Anandapur Tea Company” and fills in text




Trace the way to the train station on the map/maze.
When  completed, train station icon fills
in with color and story continues



Nobu and Bob Business card
fills most of screen. Swipe to put it away.


Complete tetris-style puzzle with luggage



Find all of the Yeti footprints to continue story


Press button to record roar, plays back with mountain reverb/SFX





Find the wick with the match as both move around





Drag the pieces of the track back to where they belong






Write a “beware” message and pick a place to post it up





Match the items to their spots on the walls.